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For Your Dog's Kneads

"For Your Dog's Kneads"

I'm Heidi Hesse, a nationally certified canine massage therapist working in the Twin Cities area. I can't wait to help make your dog feel better!

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MP lives for walks, but her arthritis is making it more difficult these days. Heidi's massages help MP feel invigorated and much loved after a hard week of being a senior! While we typically focus on her "bad" leg at physical therapy, Heidi often works on the "good" muscles that are doing the extra hard work, all the time.


14-year-old Super Mix
Brinks is a hard-working service dog. During massage, he enjoys the therapeutic benefits as well as some "me" time to recharge. After a good rub down with Heidi, he's ready at a drop of a hat when he's *kneaded*! (Haha.)


8-year-old Lab
Bogey is a JRT—which means that he's very active and maybe a little bit tightly wound! It's hard to not wiggle when you're so happy all the time, but massage has helped him learn to enjoy relaxing and being handled, too.


3-year-old JRT