Heidi has been caring for our four-year-old rescue, Cal, since the Spring of 2017 after he had double femoral head osteotomies. Through massage and stretch, Heidi has helped Cal gain much needed muscle strength in his back legs. Right away we saw a noticeable difference in the way Cal walked; he began to walk...


Our dog Ellie is 15 and has been getting massages with Heidi for over a year to help keep her loose and mobile in her golden years. We feel so grateful to have found Heidi. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable about anatomy and what treatments are best for particular issues, cares about the animals...


I have been so happy with adding in massage as part of Logan's care routine and Heidi really does an amazing job working with him.


Heidi has been providing massage therapy for my tripawd German shepherd mix Daisy since March. Heidi is excellent and I cannot recommend her enough.


Buddy is a 13-year-old Golden Retriever who thinks he’s still a young pup. His arthritis and previous joint issues say otherwise. Massage therapy with Heidi helps keep him active, moving, and comfortable. Since becoming a client in response to a leg injury, we now consider Heidi an integral part of Buddy’s overall care team....


Bogey is a JRT—which means that he’s very active and maybe a little bit tightly wound! It’s hard to not wiggle when you’re so happy all the time, but massage has helped him learn to enjoy relaxing and being handled, too.


Brinks is a hard-working service dog. During massage, he enjoys the therapeutic benefits as well as some “me” time to recharge. After a good rub down with Heidi, he’s ready at a drop of a hat when he’s *kneaded*! (Haha.)

Maisy Pancakes

MP lives for walks, but her arthritis is making it more difficult these days. Heidi’s massages help MP feel invigorated and much loved after a hard week of being a senior! While we typically focus on her “bad” leg at physical therapy, Heidi often works on the “good” muscles that are doing the extra...