Heidi has been providing massage therapy for my tripawd German shepherd mix Daisy since March. Heidi is excellent and I cannot recommend her enough.

I like Heidi’s straightforward and realistic approach. She started out by explaining that dogs need time to learn what massage is all about and to relax with the touch. I had tried canine massage for Daisy once before–I assumed that she would love it and have a spa-like experience but instead she was freaked out and I came away concluding that massage was not for her. I decided to give canine massage another try after Daisy completed a physical rehab program. It took a couple of sessions before Daisy “got” it.

Heidi comes to our house for Daisy’s massages–that’s not only convenient for me but also makes Daisy more comfortable. What I really appreciate about Heidi is that she meets Daisy where she’s at–both literally and figuratively. Heidi is not reticent to sit on the floor and crawl around as Daisy changes spots. As a tripawd, Daisy has some tight spots and it’s not always comfortable for her to receive massage. Heidi does an excellent job challenging Daisy to learn to relax with more challenging spots while also recognizing her limits.
Daisy likes people and usually wags her tail at visitors. However, when Heidi comes to visit, she’s so happy, her whole body is wagging!

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